Welcome to the home of the Real Estate School of North Central Florida, a real estate school that will prepare you for your real estate license. Based out of Gainesville, FL, our school fulfills the 63-hour pre-licensing course requirement and offers study tools to prepare you for the test. We offer classes for future Realtors and Realtors who already have their license. Also, enjoy classes and lessons that will set you up for success in a real estate career.

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Online Pre-Licensing Course

Live Instructor Real Estate School

63-Hour Pre-Licensing Course

Live Instructor-Taught Course

Our 8-day course is an immersive learning experience with experienced instructors and a classroom-like environment. We teach in person, as well as provide the option to attend the live course on Zoom, so you can learn from the comfort of your own home.

89%+ Course Exam Success Rate

Our success rate has to do with our passionate instructors. Gain knowledge of the industry today and join the Real Estate School of North Central Florida confidently.

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The reviews speak for themselves. Find out for yourself why our school stands apart from others when it comes to preparing for the class exam and state exam, connecting with fellow classmates and having instructors that create engaging material.

Meet Our Instructors!

Betsy Pepine, the Broker-Owner of Pepine Realty, is a featured instructor who shares personal learnings, experience and advice that she has gathered over the past 12 years in building her robust real estate team.

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